House Lazarus

29 July, 2018

Call to support the network of priests the “House of Lazarus”

In the Book of Truth, but also in many other biblical messages, it says that the Eucharist will disappear. The False Prophet strives to produce a new "mass", probably an ecumenical "mass" in which there will be no valid transubstantiation any more. With the misuse of the Eucharist Jesus will also leave this world of apostasy.

It is up to us, the residual army, the faithful, who hold fast to the truth, who defend the true teaching of Jesus, who do everything that Jesus remains present in the residual church, that He therefore remains present everywhere where there are still souls who hold fast to the true faith.

We can prevent the residual church from having to live without Holy Mass, without sacraments, without priestly assistance, in one word: without Jesus in the desert.

The Lord wants a network of priests to be established in Germany, and right now!!! He says that time is not on our side. Therefore, we must start immediately!!

He wishes that a "House of Lazarus" be built. That's what He called it!!! This will probably be a rented house.

Just as Jesus stopped again and again with His disciples in the house of Lazarus, the faithful priests can gather in this "House of Lazarus", be strengthened there and then go as true apostles to the faithful and do there everything that is the priest's task to lead the faithful to God. Only through the priests can the Lord still exist sacramentally. Without priests there is no Eucharist. Therefore, the faithful priests must be protected, strengthened and built up. Only through the priests each member of the residual army (in the form of the Holy Eucharist/Host) can assimilate Jesus and be aware of this every day.

The Lord has given details of how this house should be equipped and which priest should look after it and who will assist this priest. He himself will be present in this house and will take care of the faithful priests who find refuge and help in the "House of Lazarus", who are strengthened and built up, trained and taught in the true Catholic faith, find consolation and communion, etc. ... As He dwelt with the apostles in the house of His friend Lazarus in His time, so it will also happen in the "House of Lazarus". Through a priest chosen by Jesus, the other priests (apostles) will be taught.

We live in the end times. A new phase begins. This is becoming increasingly clear. We must not hesitate any longer, we must get to work immediately. Please help that this "House Lazarus" can be established and maintained! Help that in this house the priests will be built up for the next few years so that they will go a good, a holy way. Gigantic things are planned by the Lord. With our humanly limited mind it is not graspable, but let us all try that this project can now arise. This requires loving and generous help.

The network of priests is established independently of the Book of Truth. Therefore, people who do not believe in the Book of Truth should also be informed, but feel that our Christianity is threatened, that the majority of the clergy goes a way that is no longer in accordance with the perfect truth and the teachings of Christ!

Help to rebuild the new, or rather, the church wanted by Jesus from the beginning, i.e. the church as Jesus founded it, the church which proclaims and defends the pure teaching of Jesus, as the first Pope, Saint Peter, did.

The present Church led by Bergoglio is like an overgrown tree that no longer bears fruit. This will be pulled out by the gardener, the Lord. The new tree, the residual church, cannot exist next to the old tree. It is up to you that the new tree, the new church, will blossom and bear many fruits.

Please help this tree to blossom!

Please urgently support the "Haus Lazarus", which is now unfolding, and thus this extremely important network of priests that is now emerging – for doing so, please contact

God bless you!